Herringbone bracelet - necklace no. 259, made from vintage sterling silver elements.
Herringbone bracelet – necklace no. 259

Herringbone jewelry #259 15.5cm

Herringbone bracelet no.259 is about 2.5 mm wide. It’s length is either 15.5 cm (when worn as a bracelet) or 47 cm (as a necklace).

This jewelry is made from vintage  sterling silver herringbone components. Each bracelet / necklace is unique and numbered (on the tag).



Product Description

This jewelry can be worn as a bracelet (wrapped three times around your wrist) or a necklace.
Measure the circumference of your wrist and add 1.5 cm (or ½ inch) for the right bracelet size.

It can last you a lifetime if the herringbone components are not twisted.
Please make sure the bracelet / necklace lays flat around your wrist or neck while putting it on.

Additional Information


15.5 (47) cm


2.5 mm


Sterling Silver