Silther bracelet F 5

Bracelet Herringbone (coarse) 18 cm


A Silther bracelet is part vintage silver chain and part natural leather cord and is wrapped around the wrist twice.

The silver part of these bracelets is a former bracelet or part of a necklace and made of different types of silver chain. This one is made with Herringbone chain.

The natural leather cord has been treated with a protective wax to prevent staining or cracking of the leather and it may be wise to repeat this treatment for the longevity of the bracelet.

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Product Description

This Silther bracelet is ± 2 mm wide.

The Silther bracelets come in two varieties: one with a 1.5 mm leather cord and ± 2 mm silver chain and one with a 2 mm leather cord and a ± 2.5 mm silver chain.

Each one is made by hand from vintage chain. So not every item in stock will match the photograph shown exactly. The size and type of chain will.

Additional Information


18 cm


2 – 3 mm




Leather, Sterling Silver


The leather part has been protected from moisture and dirt with a leather conditioner containing beeswax. The protection can be maintained by applying neutral shoe polish from time to time. Please do not let the leather cord get soaking wet or it can become brittle and break.