I call this family of bracelets “Silthers” (even though the name is unpronounceable). They are made from silver and leather and I couldn’t think of any better name at the time.

It’s a very simple design: a piece of silver chain attached to a piece of leather cord that is wrapped around the wrist twice. The silver strand is a former bracelet or part of a necklace made from one of various types of chain: herringbone, curb, rope, cobra or wheat chain.

There are two varieties: one with a 1,5 mm leather cord (like the bracelet shown to the left) and ± 2mm silver chain and one with a 2mm leather cord and a ± 3 mm silver chain.

The leather has been treated with a protective wax to prevent staining or cracking of the leather and it may be wise to repeat this treatment after a while for the longevity of the bracelet.

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