Silhouette pendants

Children’s profiles

This family of pendants are called “Silhouettes” and are made from vintage sterling silver charms in the shape of children’s profiles. Many (grand) mothers wore these in the 60’s – 70-s on a charm bracelet or necklace. They were usually engraved with with their (grand) children’s names and birth dates.

I ran into them from time to time as scrap silver. Many of them are inscribed and the fact that they represented real people intrigued me. Whom had all these children grown up to be? The fact that they had a previous owner adds to their history and meaning. I felt it would be a shame to melt them down / recycle them. So I decided to transform these charms into something that could have meaning for someone new; give them a second life so that they can be re-loved.


I pierce them with symbols / icons that I designed that convey a certain feeling (frustration, fatigue), or idea (girl power, save the earth).

The silhouette pendants are available as loose pendants or as a necklace; the charm is combined with a vintage sterling silver necklace.

A number of different silhouettes are available at Margreeth Olsthoorn’s shop in Rotterdam.

* The bottom photo shows a variety of Silhouette pendants added to the “goodie bags” of the July 2016 edition of MINT