Long Chain Necklace


My newest design is the Long Chain Necklace. Winter is coming so you need a chunkier necklace you can wear over your clothes.
But they can be worn as a shorter necklace too; just wrap it around your neck an extra time.

Each necklace is made of 3 kinds of vintage sterling silver chain. I use different combinations of Rope, Box, Curb, Bismarck, Mariner, Wheat, Snake or Herringbone chain. Each one is unique and numbered (on the tag). The total length of the necklaces vary between 90 and 125 cm.

Where to get

The Long Chain Necklace shown here is available at Nen Xavier’s shop in Rotterdam others can be found in the web shop.

If you would like me to make one to order; please contact me at info@sieradenvancolette.nl