Jewelry party

Herringbone bracelets – necklaces and vintage rings
Looking for some original jewelry to wear on the Holidays and really like my Herringbone collection?
Why not throw a jewelry party in the comfort of your own home? It doesn’t cost you anything, you will get a discount on any jewelry you decide to buy and I do all the work!
Every item is one of a kind and this is your chance to choose from a wider selection of my collection than you will find in any store.

What the bleep is a jewelry party?
You (the hostess / host) invite 8 to 10 people to come to the party; friends, family or colleges. It is up to you what you serve them.
I will show up at your house (or another place we decide on)* with a large variety of my Herringbone jewelry plus an assortment of vintage rings (for men and women) that I have collected.
A typical jewelry party takes about 2 to 3 hours. I set up my display before we start and as soon as the party has started the guests can try on jewelry at their leisure. I assist them in this and answer any questions about my sustainable brand of jewelry.

What’s in it for the host(ess)?
She/he receives 15% of the combined total purchases in jewelry or in gift certificates. Encourage the guests you invite to bring someone with them. Invitees will receive a 10 euro discount for every extra guest they bring along.

What is needed?
All I need is a large table and some bright lighting. I will bring some hand mirrors and lots of jewelry (let me know which mix of women and men is attending).
A minimum of 6 guests is required (less just ain’t no party) but inviting 8 to 10 people is a good idea. It is up to the host/ess to check with the guests a day before hand to remind them of the party and check if they are actually coming.

Jewelry that guests would like to buy has to be paid for in cash or the money transferred on the spot. Custom orders for Herringbone jewelry are possible but every existing piece is one of it’s kind and can not be duplicated exactly.

Contact me at for further information and/or available dates.

* in the Netherlands