Golden Ratio Earrings

I have a lot of off-cuts of various types of chain chain I use for my designs. Earrings are something I initially didn’t try making because I didn’t really like earrings / I didn’t wear them myself…

But people have asked me for them so I thought I would add some to my collection.
And guess what? Now I do like earrings. I still don’t wear them myself though. I don’t think they look good on me….

After making earrings from pieces of Herringbone chain I now combine two types of chain in the “golden ratio”, which means the length of one of the parts is roughly 1,6 times as long as the other.

Why? Because it’s a nice ratio. If you ask a great many people to divide a line into two parts in a way that is appealing to them they will not divide the line in two halves. Most people will divide them into something that approaches this “golden ratio” which is found everywhere in nature too.