Gold plated Silther bracelet

There are now Silther bracelets that are made with vintage gold plated silver chain too.

I use colored leather cord for the gold plated ones. The type of chain is dependent on the kind of used gold plated silver chain I find: herringbone (still loving it), wheat, cobra, curb, rope, mariner or omega chain.

Two examples are shown here: a bracelet with gold plated wheat chain and 2 mm red leather cord and a bracelet with striped herringbone chain and 1.5 mm black leather cord.

While searching for leather cord online I learned that leather cord either originated from India or the E.U (Greece mostly). The European kind meets the requirements from the E.E.C. Regulation for jewelry and is free of nickel and other hazardous chemicals. The cord from India is not…

I use Greek cord for my bracelets because they are produced following EU guidelines.

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