3D silhouette pendant necklace detail.
3D Silhouette necklace made from vintage sterling profiles.

3D silhouette pendant necklace

I make these 3D pendants from 2 vintage sterling silver profiles with the same shape and combine them with a round sterling disk of the right circumference. The eyelet on top is cut from one of these three elements.

Very often these profiles are inscribed with names or dates of (once) loved ones. Unfortunately the inscription often gets lost after I sand off the blackened remains of the rhodium plating. This gets burnt while soldering the piece*. These silhouettes are sold on long chain necklaces. The one shown here is about 76 cm or 30″.

Some of these profiles I have collected are really old. I have ones that have dates from the 40’s. Some are really battered as if worn during the war. And some have been beautifully hand engraved. This is a craft that is not many people master anymore. Most of the engraving is done by machine now a days….


* I have some new stuff that is supposed to prevent this but haven’t tried this yet.